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2014 scholarship nicolas

"Who do think among Filipinos successful in politics, science, business, arts or medicine known for their achievements would be a great model for the youth of today and why?"


My Filipino inspiration has always been EMILIO AGUINALDO. Aguinaldo from his birth on March 22, 1869 to his death was a remarkable person. In Cavite he enrolled in the University of Santo Thomas, it was not until her returned home from college that he began to witness the tension between the Filipinos and the Spanish. He later joined the Freemasons in and became the head of barter in Manila. There he first met Andres Bonifacio. In 1895 Aguinaldo, alongside Bonifacio, headed the Freemasons to strive for their independence from the Spanish. However, once Bonifacio was executed in mid-1897, Aguinaldo assumed total leadership.

In December 1897, Aguinaldo signed the Truce of Biak-na-Bato with the Spanish. He and his rebels surrendered their arms and accepted exile to Hong Kong. The Spanish agreed to allow amnesty, indemnity and liberal reform. However, neither side kept true to the truce. Consequently, the revolutionaries were able to purchase additional arms through Spain’s financial compensation.

While exiled, Aguinaldo was able to assist in the Spanish-American war, since neither peace nor independence occurred, he returned to the Philippines to aid in the rebellion. When they did finally declare independence, he met with the Malolos Congress in order to draft a constitution for a republic on June 12, 1898. On that day Emilio Aguinaldo finally was able to put an end of years of oppression.

This, to me, ultimately demonstrates that no matter what the cause, if there is something you truly believe you should not let anything stop you from doing everything you can to achieve it. Emilio demonstrates that through determination anyone is able to achieve greatness, such as freeing his country from years of oppression. I can see that, for the youth of today, that there are not many great people to look up to that have that type of motivation. When the youth are led by the right people, they will realize how much greatness they can truly achieve.